Data Access and Use


New satellite systems will generate increasing amounts of advanced measurements, but it remains a major challenge to ensure that improved data and products are actually available, and can be utilized by more users in all regions.

One of the 4 main components of the WMO Space Programme is thus to improve the utilization of the space-based capabilities of the Global Observing System (GOS) with emphasis on utilization of satellite data and services in developing countries

This section is comprised of the following pages:

  • Formats and Standards - Explains the different formats used for dissemination and processing of Satellite Data
  • From data to products - Explains the different levels of data processing and product generation, as well as the main categories of satellite products
  • Data&Product Dissemination - Explains the different means of disseminating Satellite data & products
  • DBNet project - To ensure efficient delivery of data and products to a global user community
  • Data Quality Monitoring - Information provided by EUMETSAT NWP SAF