Awareness and Training

Surveys on Satellite Data Use

One strategic goal of the WMO Space Programme is to improve the utilization of satellite data and services by WMO Members, with emphasis on less advanced and developing countries.

This effort is supported by periodically conducted surveys on the availability and use of satellite data and products by WMO Members. The purpose of the survey is to collect feedback from all WMO members on progress and achievements but also challenges and deficiencies with respect to

  • Access to satellite data and products
  • Application of satellite data
  • Training on environmental satellite utilization.

Satellite Data Use Questionnaires 1998-2009

Six biennial questionnaires have been issued to cover the period from 1998 to 2009. The outcomes of these questionnaires are published as WMO Technical Documents, and are available for download under: Resources > Publications (keyword: questionnaire).

Satellite Data Use Survey 2012

The "2012 WMO Survey on the Use of Satellite Data", covering the 2010-2011 biennium, was performed on line from May to September 2012, in four languages (English, French, Russian and Spanish). More than two hundred responses have been received and analyzed, coming from 95 WMO Members.  Its outcome was published in 2013 as WMO Space Programme publication (SP-9).

Satellite Data Use Survey 2016

The "2016 WMO Survey on the Use of Satellite Data", was published in 2019 as WMO Space Programme publication (SP-13). Responses were collected through an online survey tool in four languages (E/F/Sp/Ru), the total number of valid, complete responses received was 215 originating from 106 WMO Members, 148 (69%) of which were provided by NMHSs, 17 (8%) from other operational governmental agencies, and 40 (19%) from institutions with a research/academic mandate. Four responses (2%) were received from regional or international organizations. From the majority of Members, multiple responses were provided.

Satellite Data Use Survey 2022

The "2022 WMO Global Survey on Satellite Data Utilization" is conducted by WMO Space Programme through an online survey tool in all six official languages (Ar/En/Es/Fr/Ru/Zh). The total number of valid and complete responses received was 211 originating from 103 WMO Members States and Territories. From the majority of responding Members, multiple responses were provided. This survey report highlights global and regional challenges faced by users of satellite data. It calls for remedial action by WMO and satellite operators in the coming years.

(Updated 17 January 2024)