WWRP/WGNE Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research (JWGFVR)



JWGFVR aims to advance the development and application of improved diagnostic and verification methods to assess and enable improvement of the quality and value of weather forecasts, including forecasts from numerical weather prediction systems and climate models. The JWGFVR is under the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) and the Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE), co-sponsored by the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) and the WMO Research Board.

  • The JWGFVR should engage in the plans and implementation of the verification component of the WWRP projects from their outset.
  • For verification issues and challenges common to several projects (e.g., addressing observation uncertainty and representativeness in verification practices), the JWGFVR should serve as catalist and take the lead to tackle some of these fundamental verification research questions, while working in concert -and favouring the communication- between the different WWRP projects and WGs involved.
  • The JWGFVR will periodically organize workshops and tutorials in the field of forecast verification to facilitate the further development and advancement of the existing diagnostic capacity of weather and climate researchers, further than promoting verification good practices and facilitating the technological transfer from research to operations and services, hence building a professional community in the field.
  • The JWGFVR should provide verification expertise on weather and climate products with focus on precipitation, to bring forward collaborative research for integrating climate and weather verification techniques. 
  • The JWGFVR should provide and develop verification expertise on climate predictions, with focus on verification of longer scale predictions (e.g., decadal). 
  • The JWGFVR should develop and enhance expertise on the assessment of Earth system modelling (ESM) coupling and physical processes, to enrich process-based and ESM verification efforts, with focus on diagnostics for modelers, and to enhance collaborations with the WCRP. 

Working Group Members

  • Co-Chair: Barbara CASATI, Environment Canada
  • Co-Chair: Caio COELHO, CPTEC/INPE
  • Raghavendra ASHRIT, NCMRWF 
  • Angie PENDERGRASS, Cornell University
  • Ramon de ELIA, Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN)
  • Javier GARCIA-SERRANO, University of Barcelona
  • Alfred L. KONDOWE, Tanzanian Meteorological Agency (TMA)

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