WWRP Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research (JWGFVR)



JWGFVR plans and facilitates the development and application of improved diagnostic verification methods to assess and enable improvement of the quality of weather forecasts, including forecasts from numerical weather and climate models. It also collaborates on forecast verification with the Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE) and the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). JWGFVR will engage in the plans and implementation of the verification component of WWRP projects from the outset.

Working Group Members

  • Co-Chair: Barbara CASATI, Environment Canada
  • Co-Chair: Caio COELHO, CPTEC/INPE
  • Raghavendra ASHRIT, NCMRWF 
  • Stephanie LANDMAN, SAWS
  • Chiara MARSIGLI, DWD

Recent Activities and News

Past International Workshops

  • 9-20 November 2020, Online: 8th International Verification Method Workshop (Barbara Casati) https://jwgfvr.univie.ac.at
  • 3-11 May 2017, Berlin: 7th International Verification Workshop & Tutorials (Martin Goeber)  https://www.7thverificationworkshop.de
    • Dorninger et al (2018) ed. Met Zet special issue; 
    • Dorninger et al (2020) ed. Met Apps special issue.
  • 13-19 March 2014, New Delhi: 6th International Verification Workshop & Tutorials (Raghu Ashrit)
  • 1-7 Dec 2011, Melbourne: 5th International Verification Workshop & Tutorials (Beth Ebert)
    • Ebert et al (2013) Met Apps, review article
  • 4 -10 June 2009, Helsinki: 4th International Verification Workshop & Tutorials (Pertti Nurmi) https://space.fmi.fi/Verification2009/
  • 31 Jan – 2 Feb 2007, Reading: 3rd International Verification Workshop & Tutorials (Anna Ghelli) https://www.ecmwf.int/en/learning/workshops-and-seminars/past-workshops/2007-international-verification-methods 
    • Ebert and Ghelli (2008) ed. Met Apps Special Issue
    • Casati et al (2008) Met Apps, review article
  • 15-17 Sept 2004, Montreal: 2nd International Verification Workshop (Laurie Wilson)
  • 30 July – 1 Aug 2002, Boulder: “Making Verification More Meaningful” (Barb Brown)

Activities and Links

JWGFVR verification recommendation reports and WMO publications