Addendum to the IP

Minor updates to the World Weather Programme (WWRP) Implementation Plan for 2024 to 2027 as approved by Congress -19 in May 2023. 


  1. Changes made to the names of two projects namely,  

  • The name ‘Hydrology and Precipitation RDP’ has been changed to the Integrated Prediction of Precipitation and Hydrology for Early Actions (InPRHA) project, as approved by the WWRP SSC during its annual meeting on 31 August 2023. 

  • The name ‘Public Engagement of Practitioners, Learners, & Educators (PEOPLE)’ has been changed to ‘Progressing EW4All Oriented to Partnerships and Local Engagement (PEOPLE).’ Additionally, the summary for PEOPLE (pg 47 – 50 in the Implementation Plan) has also been updated and approved by the SSC during its online meeting on 7 November 2023.