Applications of Climate Forecasts for Agriculture-AGM 7

Applications of Climate Forecasts for Agriculture

Proceedings of an Expert Group Meeting for Regional Association I (Africa) 
held 9-13 December 2002 in Banjul, Gambia
AGM-7, WCAC-1, WMO/TD-No. 1223

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Table of Contents
Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, Forward, and Opening Remarks [PDF - 3.8 MB] pages 1-8
Seasonal Forecasting in Africa by J.P. Céron [PDF - 0.6 MB] pages 10-18
Current Advances in the Science of Climate Prediction: Capacity for Agricultural Applications in Africa by L.A. Ogallo [PDF - 0.4 MB]
pages 19-24
Markov Chain Modelling and ENSO Influences on the Rainfall Seasons of Ethiopia 
by E. Bekele  [PDF - 0.2 MB]

pages 25-37
Deterministic and Probabilistic Prediction Approaches in Seasonal to Inter-Annual 
Climate Forecasting
by C. Oludhe [PDF - 0.2 MB]

pages 38-48
Elaboration of a Framework of Climatological Information and Prediction Services
by C. Toure  [PDF - 5.0 MB]

pages 49-58
The Application of Climate Forecasts and Agrometeorological Information for Agriculture, Food Security, Forestry, Livestock and Fisheries by G. Maracchi, F. Neneguzzo, M. Paganini  [PDF - 1.3 MB]
pages 60-68
The Application of Informations and agrometeorological Opinions for Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry: Case Study in Mali by D.A. Maiga  [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 69-74
The Establishment of Needs for Climate Forecasts and other Agromet Information for Agriculture by Local, National and Regional Decision-Makers and Users Communities by C.J. Stigter [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 76-83

Environmental Watch in the CSE: Utilization of the Images of Estimate of the Rains in the 
Folllow-up of the Agricultural Countryside
by P.B. Soumaré et M. Martini  [PDF - 1.3 MB]

pages 84-92
Practical Approaches to Meet User Requirements for Climate Forecasts and Agrometeorological Advisories for Rangelands and Wild Fires by E. Mersha [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 93-105
Improvement of the Durable Use of Climatic Resources by Agriculture in Guinea
by Y. Bangoura [PDF - 1.8 MB]

pages 106-118
Effective Methods of Communicating Climate Forecasts and Agrometeorological Advisories to Farmers and other End-Users by P. Lugunda  [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 119-122
Preparation and Transmission of Weather Information by the Press: The Experience of Mali  by S. Traore [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 123-126
The Means of Achieving Better Recognition of the Value and Benefits of Climate Forecasts and Agrometeorological Information Disseminated to Users by B. Chipindu  [PDF - 0.2 MB]
pages 127-133
Mechanisms to Promote Used Satisfaction to Achieve Recognition of the Value of the Meteorological Services by S. Walker  [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 134-139
Improving User Perception of the Value of Agrometeorological Services Provided  by O. Baddour  [PDF - 0.2 MB]
pages 140-145
Advantages of the Climatic Forecasts and the Opinions Agroclimatic: Experience of Senegal  by M. Ndiaye [PDF - 0.2 MB]
pages 146-152
The Impact of Accurate and Timely Issue of Climate Forecast and Agrometeorological Warnings on Policy  and Decision-Making by P. Gibba [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 153-159
Working Group Reports [PDF - 0.2 MB] pages 160-171

Conclusions, Recommendations, and Closing Session [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 172-178
Appendix - Meeting Report [PDF - 0.2 MB] pages 179-195