Climate Data Management Systems (CDMSs)

Climate Data Management Systems (CDMSs)

Long-term, high-quality and reliable climate instrumental time series are key information required in undertaking robust and consistent assessments in order to better understand, detect, predict and respond to global climate variability and change.

The benefit areas include climate monitoring, climate studies and predictions, calibration of satellite data, generation of climate high quality reanalyses data, translating climate proxy evidence into instrumental terms.

WMO Climate Data Management Systems (CDMSs) offer improved data access and security and much greater utility for users. Today, with the Internet delivering greatly improved data access capabilities data management is evolving as an integral part of the WMO Information System (WIS) architecture at national level, thus allowing easy discovery, access and retrieval of historical climate data to the benefit of various users of climate information and services. Any climate database will be based on some underlying model of the data. This model is very important for the quality of the resulting system, and in particular for its maintainability. An inappropriate model will tend to make the system harder to maintain. A requisite part of the quality management of an NMHS is the data Quality Control (QC) process. Quality Control processes should ensure that data is checked and, to the extent possible, is error-free. All errors and mistakes coming from the station site, instrument/sensor, data transmission or data entry stages must be detected and eliminated and, if possible, these should be replaced by correct values (while retaining the original values).

CCl experts developed relevant documents applicable in accordance with the principles of, and as a complement to, the Guide to Climatological Practices:

OpenCDMS CDMS strategy documents

 Climate Data Management System Specifications

(WMO No. 1131) (2014)


Guidelines on Climate Data Management (WMO-TD No. 1376) (2007)


 Questionnaire on Climate Data Management Systems (2010) 

and its analysis:

Status of worldwide implementation of CDMS in NMHSs (2013)


Climate Database Management Systems Evaluation Workshop (2002)



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