Completed Projects Agricultural Meteorology

Joint FAO / WMO project on Climate Services for Agriculture (Rwanda, Senegal) 2016-2018

This project was conducted to support agricultural decision-makers with appropriate and timely climate information and services to facilitate integration into agriculture policies, plans, strategies and practices. As part of the workplan, the capacity of administration and maintenance of agrometeorological services for sustainability of climate services in agriculture was developed and operational and technical cooperation on provisions and use of weather and climate information to support sustainable agriculture and food security were enhanced. All achievements and outputs can be found here.


METAGRI project (Roving Seminars on Weather, Climate, Farmers in West Africa) 2012-2015

The State Agency for Meteorology in Spain (AEMET) and WMO have developed the METAGRI Project which provide Roving Seminars on Weather, Climate and Farmers for countries in West Africa (please see WMO Roving Seminar web page for more detailed information). This projectis part of AEMET's AFRIMET project.


Caribbean Agrometeorological Inititaive (CAMI) 2010-2013

The Caribbean Agro-meteorological Initiative (CAMI) was funded by the European Community through the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP Group), Science and Technology Programme.The project devloped a Policy Brief for decision makers.

The project partners in the CAMI Project are:

The purpose of the project was to assist the farming community in the Caribbean region through provision of information through the regional network of Meteorological and Agricultural Services and research institutes on predictors of the rainy season potential and development of effective pest and disease forecasting systems for improved on-farm management decisions; preparation and wide diffusion of a user-friendly weather and climate information newsletter and organization of regular forums with the farming community and agricultural extension agencies to promote a better understanding of the applications of weather and climate information and to obtain feedback to provide better products from the Meteorological Services for use by the farming community.

The project was under of the overall coordation of CIMH. WMO was a member of CAMI Steering Committee.