Distance Learning Course

The Distance Learning Course “Interoperable Data Exchange in Hydrology”

There are four modules and 13 lessons to the course:

Module 1 - Hydrological Data and their Exchange​

  • Lesson 1.1:  Compelling reasons for hydrological data collection, use and reuse​
  • Lesson 1.2:  Benefits of hydrological data exchange​
  • Lesson 1.3:  WMO role in hydrological data exchange and use​​

Module 2 - Role of Data Providers in Hydrological Data Exchange​

  • Lesson 2.1:  Data collection stage
  • Lesson 2.2:  Different solutions/architectures for data storage​
  • Lesson 2.3:  Metadata​
  • Lesson 2.4:  Data publication and  formats​
  • Lesson 2.5:  Web services​

Module 3 - Hydrological Data Users, Data Interoperability and Brokering Approach

  • Lesson 3.1:  Different hydrological data users, their needs and tools/applications​
  • Lesson 3.2:  Data interoperability and its different layers​
  • Lesson 3.3:  Brokering approach and the role of WHOS

Module 4 - WHOS: Architecture, Functionalities and Implementation

  • Lesson 4.1:  WHOS architecture and functionalities
  • Lesson 4.2:  WHOS participants and implementation processes​

The high-level objectives for the course are: ​

  • Recognize the benefits of hydrological data exchange​,target
  • Describe the roles of data providers and users in data exchange​,
  • Explain the basics of data interoperability and brokering approach,
  • Describe the WHOS architecture, functionalities and implementation processes.