The GAW Logo

The GAW Logo

A new GAW logo was developed and adopted in May 2012. This logo should be used on websites and in publications and presentations related to the GAW Programme together with WMO logo (on the same page).

      The new logo represents a new visual identity of GAW which reflects the global nature of the GAW Programme. It imparts a modern view of the notion of dynamic movement, interaction, circulation and transport. It emphasizes the importance of all regions from the poles to the tropics while it also hints at the apparent transparency of the atmosphere. However, it shows areas that are less transparent possibly due to air quality problems and in general highlights the fragility of earth system. Through portraying the globe, it links to and is similar to other WMO logos.

GAW logo hor
GAW logo horiz 1
GAW logo vert  
GAW logo vert 1

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The previous GAW logo            


The first GAW logo was designed by John Miller.  It combines the logo of the World Meteorological Organization with the elements of relevance to atmosphere composition change and air pollution.