RA II Task Team on Review of the Regional Partnership and Sub-regional Cooperation

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(1) Analyse and map existing cooperation and collaboration in RA II, including WMO Regional Centres (e.g. WMO Global Data-processing and Forecasting Systems (GDPFS) centres, Regional Training Centres, Regional Instrument Centres and other regional centres managed by WMO bodies), between RA II Members, sub-regional [Viet Nam] and cross-regional cooperation;

(2) Analyse and map existing cooperation with other regional organizations and extra-budgetary opportunities, including United Nations regional bodies, regional political bodies, funding agencies and technical entities;

(3) Develop and regularly update a RA II Partnership Strategy to propose the way forward to further enhance regional and sub-regional [Viet Nam] partnership bearing in mind the characteristics of the region, including existing partnership frameworks, [Viet Nam] diversity and capacity among Members (e.g. level of development, membership to different technical and political organizations, policy relevant issues such as: data policy, relation to the private sector, cooperation and collaboration with academic institutions, etc.), at regional and sub-regional levels.

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