RA V Task Team on Regional Cooperation, Collaboration and Partnerships


Ms Louise Wicks - Chair - ( Australia )
Ms Nelly Florida RIAMA - Vice-chair - ( Indonesia )
Fa'apisa Aiono - Member - ( Samoa )
Mr Darryl BOH - Member - ( Singapore )
Ms Vanessa LIM - Member - ( Singapore )

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Terms of Reference

(a) Analyze, map and review existing partnerships between the RA V sub-regional bodies and development partners, funding agencies, political organizations, the UN System, and private and academic sectors, to identify gaps and opportunities;

(b) Analyze, map and review present lines of cooperation and collaboration in RA V, including with WMO Regional Centres (e.g. WMO Global Data-processing and Forecasting Systems [GDPFS] Centres, Regional Training Centres [RTCs], Regional Instrument Centres [RICs], and other regional centres managed by WMO bodies), as well as among RA V sub-regional bodies, and other regional associations;

(c) Study the potential of enhancing existing partnerships and establishing new partnerships, and develop and regularly update an RA V Partnership Strategy to improve intra- and inter-regional cooperation and collaboration, noting the characteristics of the region, including the diversity among Members in terms of capacity, levels of development, memberships in technical and political organizations, data policies, relations to the private and academic sectors, inter alia;

(d) Submit recommendations to the RA V president and the Management Group, which will agree on the further steps to be taken towards implementing recommendations, keeping all RA V Members informed through the Regional Office for Asia and the South-West Pacific.

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