[disbanded] Study Group on Data Issues and Policies (SG-DIP)

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With reference to Resolutions 55 and 56 (Cg-18) and Resolution 2 (EC-71) and taking into account the Review of Emerging Data Issues (published as WMO Guidelines on Emerging Data Issues; WMO 1239 ) and its recommendations, the purpose of the Study Group is:
A. Conduct a comprehensive and detailed review on the implementation and the benefit of current WMO data policy;
B. To continue the analysis of the emerging data issues and their impacts, including initiative coordinated activities and engaging in pilot project activities aligned with WIS evolution , and to develop further WMO guidance on the subject;
C. To consider new approaches to encourage sharing of commercially sourced data, crowd-sourced data and social media data, in order to allow greater access to non-traditional sources of data or data not owned by governments, as well as to foster greater reciprocity within the WMO community;
D. To provide the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) with analysis of WMO data policies, including funding mechanism, to support and inform their review.
The work of this study group will be closely linked to the Study Group on the Global Basic Observing Network.

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