Expert Team on Cryosphere and Polar Observations (GCW)

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Terms of Reference

Under the guidance of the GCW Advisory Group and in coordination with the Standing Committee on Earth Systems Observing Systems and Networks (SC-ON) of INFCOM, the Expert Team on Cryosphere and Polar Observations (ET-CPO) is mandate to:
1. Facilitate the identification and integration of cryosphere and related observations in the framework of WIGOS, by:
1a. facilitate the development and submission of updates, when necessary, to the WMO Technical Regulations, the Manual on WIGOS and the Guide to WIGOS);
1b. identify and support the registration of cryospheric observations and GCW stations operated by Members and partners in the OSCAR/Surface database, including the allocation of WIGOS Station Identifiers (WSI), as described in the Guide to WIGOS;
1c. Coordinate the development of terms of reference for the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System (WDQMS), for including cryosphere observations;
1d. Make recommendations on establishing one or more Regional WIGOS Centres (RWC) to undertake the WDQMS role for cryospheric data, and align GCW stations with these RWCs;
1e. Support submissions to the WIGOS Metadata Representation, as led by the GCW Coordinator for Best Practices;
1f. Liaise with existing regional observing networks in polar and high-mountain areas identified in the GCW pre-operational plan (Resolution 18(EC-73).
1g. Develop a checklist for project proposals for Members who would rely on cryospheric observations for specific services, which to serve as guidance for capturing the necessary information in the respective project proposals;
2. Provide a focused engagement for observing activities on Antarctica, covering the registration of observing stations in OSCAR/Surface, liaising between observing programmes and institutions with observations on Antarctica and WMO substructures, and for developing options for the implementation of RWC to fulfil the WDQMS role applicable to observations on Antarctica; other issues related to relevant observing practices and challenges and work with relevant substructures, to address them;
3. Contribute to the forward strategy of the Polar Space Task Group (PSTG), as requested by the Chair of GCW-AG;
4. Make recommendations to GCW-AG for establishing task teams and ad-hoc teams for delivering time limited tasks under these terms of reference, with appropriate membership;

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