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Under the guidance of the GCW Advisory Group and in coordination with the GCW Best Practices Coordinator, the Glaciers Task Team is tasked to develop the Glaciers and Ice Caps Best Practices Guide for inclusion in the WMO Guide for Instruments and Methods of Observation (WMO No.-8), Volume II, Measurement of Cryosphere Variables, as Chapter 3, and cover measured variables, their common observation methods, the used instrumentation, the required configuration, and the relevant data reporting aspects.
1. Make recommendations to the WIGOS Metadata Standard on representative measured variables (for registration in the OSCAR Surface database), and related configuration metadata (measuring methods, etc.);
2. Identify and document measured variables and measuring methods: reach out to known projects, programmes, and experts, and survey literature;
3. Summarize metadata and data reporting methods, standards, and formats, as commonly used;
4. Identify and document discrepancies and gaps regarding measured variables, measuring methods, metadata and data and recommend approaches to achieve greater consistency;
5. Identify data centres where data is stored and is available, including data accessibility aspects;
6. Assess linkages between measured variables and relevant Essential Climate Variables (ECVs);
7. Make recommendations regarding the assessment of traceability, comparability, and uncertainty of measurements;
8. Compile and draft best practices and recommend guidelines, manage a community wide pre-publication review and submit for publication in the WMO No.-8, Guide;
9. Make recommendations on addressing discrepancies (on observations, data access, data harmonization, etc.).
10. Identify relevant projects, initiatives, and programmes and make recommendations for further engagements;
11. Make recommendations to GCW-AG regarding the GCW long-term focus on glaciers and ice caps.

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