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Under the authority of the INFCOM Management Group (MG), the AG Ocean will provide overall coordination on the application of ocean monitoring, including but not limited to observations, data management, data sharing, data utilization, and products, to the activities related to the terms of reference of the Infrastructure Commission; it will function under the general terms of reference of advisory groups and carry out relevant tasks, to:

(a) Advise the INFCOM Management Group on ocean observation related matters by translating gathered needs from and for the ocean community into suggested activities of INFCOM bodies - and SERCOM as appropriate - together with the three INFCOM coordinators;

(b) With the support of the WMO Secretariat, provide advice to the INFCOM MG on the integration of ocean information for the delivery of the objectives of the WMOStrategic Plan and making sure functional connections as established by JCB are working, maintained, and monitored, including in the engagements with SERCOM, the Research Board (RB) (including WCRP and WWRP), GCOS (especially OOPC), the Joint WMO-IOC Collaborative Board (JCB), and the GOOS Observations Coordination Group (OCG);

(c) Serve as focal point for ocean observing infrastructure: catalyse and support the operationalization of the infrastructure component of the JCB joint strategy and make sure requirements from users are met;

(d) Guide, oversee, and monitor the integration of ocean observations into the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS, including WIGOS Station Identifiers, OSCAR, Rolling Review of Requirements, Status of Guidance, GBON for ocean), the WMO Information System (WIS) and the utilization of ocean data and integrated products in the Global Data-processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS) framework, aligned with the needs of specific services;

(e) Contribute to the delivery of the WMO Operating Plan on all aspects related to ocean by working directly with the relevant substructures of the Commission;

(f) Supports the INFCOM Vice-Chair in charge of ocean for development of cross-cutting Earth System activities. Establish and maintain mutually beneficial engagements and facilitate the exchange of information on the ocean among scientists and practitioners and between operational and scientific communities of Members and partners, aligned with the scope of work;

(g) Establish the necessary time-limited Expert Teams and Task Teams to support development of integrated activities, within the available resources;

(h) Explore/Establish effective links with regional activities (WMO Regional Associations and GOOS Regional Alliances).

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