Task Team on Implementation of Products from Non-traditional Sources in the GDPFS/WIPPS (TT-NTS)

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Using global riverine flood products as a case study: 
1. review and catalogue the available global products from Traditional and Non-traditional Sources for riverine flood prediction, 
2. assess these products in terms of their quality and operational availability, and the possibility to include riverine flood prediction as a new WIPPS activity (desktop study) 
3. assess the fitness for endorsement of producers as WIPPS centres, identify issues and possible mechanisms to alleviate those (desktop study), 
4. In the context of the EW4A Initiative, 
4-1. Recommend products to be included as WIPPS pilot products, 
4-2. Recommend pathways for integration in the WIPPS including centre designation, interoperability and verification standards 
5. Prepare recommendations to SC-ESMP for inclusion in its future work program 
6. Depending on the type of issues identified under (3), guidance from the Executive Council Policy Advisory Committee will be sought 
7. If required prepare recommendations to the Executive Council

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