Expert Team on Cryosphere Observations from Space (ET-COS)


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Terms of Reference

The group shall:
1. review cryosphere, high-mountain, and polar scientific requirements, including user needs and observational requirements stemming from, but not limited to GCOS, the IGOS-P Cryosphere Theme Report, the WMO Inter-Programme Expert Team on Satellite Utilization and Products (IPET-SUP), and the specific needs of the WMO Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW), the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), SCAR/IASC and the Group on Earth Observations (GEO);
2. develop a mechanism to source these requirements, through workshops, meetings, etc.;
3. develop a set of key strategic goals to meet user needs and observational requirements and prioritize them considering existing Agency-specific programmes (in collaboration with the WMO Expert Team on Satellite Systems (ET-SAT)), or international project frameworks;
4. develop a short-, mid- and long-term implementation strategy covering atmosphere, ocean and terrestrial domains, based on the strategic goals and requirements;
5. establish commitments on behalf of their Agency to support data acquisition, and support for product development and establishment of relevant accompanying scientific studies, as appropriate for the Agency;
6. participate in the joint development and coordination of mission acquisition plans with consideration of:
• existing in-situ observing system infrastructure;
• individual agency mandates and resources, including space-segment and ground-segment assets;
• time-space distribution of planned in-situ and air-/ship-borne campaign activities;
7. develop and coordinate plans for satellite data product distribution and archiving;
8. develop indicators or metrics of success of data use;

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