Scoping Planning and Organising Committee for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Demonstration Campaign

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Terms of Reference

1. Coordinate the development and oversee the holding of the WMO Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Demonstration Campaign (UAS-DC);
2. Conduct all activities related to the organization of the Campaign;
3. Develop and facilitate required WMO approvals of the Plan for the WMO Uncrewed Aircraft Systems, Demonstration Campaign;
4. Make recommendations to the managing Standing Committees on the extension of the membership of the SPOC as necessary to ensure the aims and scope of the UAS-DC are developed and met;
5. Develop a communications plan for the UAS-DC and facilitate required communications and meetings between the SPOC and/or the relevant WMO representatives, with participants, stakeholders, relevant entities and the public;
6. Coordinate the obtainment of the required approvals and/or partnerships to ensure the UAS-DC can be conducted according to the Plan;
7. Through the WMO Secretariat, facilitate the employment of consultancy as necessary and in accordance with the Plan to undertake required activities and tasks in support of the UAS-DC;
8. Evaluate the data, draft the final report and arrange for its approval by INFCOM; and
9. Report to the relevant Standing Committees of the Infrastructure Commission.

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