Expert Team on Information Management   (ET-IM)

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(a) Maintain and develop recommended practices and technical guidance material for information management to meet the needs of Members, WIS and WMO Programmes,
(b) Collaborate widely to review available information management practices and develop appropriate standards and practices for information management,
(c) Propose updates to incorporate standards and practices for information management under WIS Part C in the Manual on WIS (WMO No. 1060) and Guide to the WIS (WMO No. 1061),
(d) Recommend updates to the WIS competencies related to information management and associated training and learning guides,
(e) Review and develop technical resources and best practices related to historical records management and data rescue,
(f) Support the development of a reference open-source Climate Data Management System (CDMS) for climate and hydrological data management (OpenCDMS) (Res. 22 (Cg-18)

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