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(a) Contribute to the implementation of WIS 2.0 (in accordance with Resolution 57 (CG-18) with a particular focus on addressing the needs of all WMO Programmes,
(b) Work with WMO Programmes to support the successful implementation of WIS 2.0 using proven change management practices,
(c) Ensure that the requirements from all WMO Programmes are included in the WIS implementation plan,
(d) Organize regular feedback from Members from all WMO Programmes on WIS and its evolution,
(e) Support Members from all WMO Programmes in the adoption of WIS by e.g. contributing to training programs, organization of workshops,
(f) Contribute and facilitate the active participation of all Programmes in WIS 2.0 related pilot projects,
(g) Support the GISCs to ensure successful implementation of WIS in their area of responsibility.

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