Coordinator for hydrology in Earth system modelling (C-HESM)


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The general role of the Infrastructure Commission Coordinator for hydrology in Earth system modelling (C-HESM) is to undertake any coordination needed to stimulate and support the inclusion of hydrological aspects as part of the development of the Earth System Modelling strategy and the proper integration of existing initiatives such as the Flash Flood Guidance System with Global Coverage (FFGS) into the GDPFS infrastructure. The C-HESM will ensure proper collaboration between INFCOM entities (e.g. Expert Team) and a Member to resolve a specific technical issue. The C-HESM should also support INFCOM, as necessary, with interactions with SERCOM, the RB and the HCP. In order to facilitate the required coordination, the C-HESM shall be a formal member of the INFCOM MG.
Priority activities:
• Ensure hydrological matters are considered in the INFCOM MG
• Provide guidance to INFCOM MG on hydrological matters
• Ensure that hydrological matters are coordinated across INFCOM activities
• Provide oversight on the work programmes of Expert Teams relating to the inclusion of hydrology in the evolution of the GDPFS
• Report on relevant hydrological groups and activities external to INFCOM
• Support coordination of hydrological matters with SERCOM, the RB and the HCP

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