Coordinator on Implementation of the Unified Data Policy (C-DATA)

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The role of the Infrastructure Commission Data Policy Coordinator (C-DATA) is to coordinate the development of a roadmap, action plan and assignment of responsibilities, principally within INFCOM but as required in collaboration with SERCOM and Research Board, to ensure the implementation of the WMO Unified Data Policy for the International Exchange of Earth System Data (Unified Data Policy) per Resolution 1 (Cg-Ext(2021)). The C-DATA will work with a sub-group of INFCOM Management Group comprising the INFCOM Coordinators, the Chairs of the INFCOM standing committees together with equivalent representatives from SERCOM to ensure the required tasks and processes are mapped into the work programs of the standing committees and their expert teams, and to ensure a smooth transition from implementation phase to ongoing exemplary practice in international data exchange, integrated within the WMO technical and governance structures.

In order to facilitate the required coordination, the C-DATA shall be a formal member of the INFCOM MG.

Priority activities:

Develop a roadmap and detailed action plan for implementation of the Unified Data Policy based on a comprehensive analysis of the resolution, including its Annexes, and any legacy aspects of Resolution 40 (Cg-XII), Resolution 25 (Cg-XIII) and Resolution 60 (Cg-17), including:

Responsibilities and timelines, and integration in work plans of relevant Standing Committees and other domain-specific teams,

Process for reviewing/drafting technical regulations, and maintaining ‘living’ list of core data and extending it to embrace all/new forms of core data, including NWP,

Alignment with GBON and SOFF implementation where relevant;

Develop a communication/engagement plan to ensure Members, partners (e.g. the World Meteorological Centres – WMCs) and all relevant stakeholders across public, private and research sectors are engaged, consulted and ready to participate in implementation of Resolution 1 (Cg-Ext(2021));

Develop a plan for managing compliance with the Unified Data Policy, including monitoring, reporting and follow-up procedures;

Prepare an initial plan for the oversight, conduct and consultations/engagement (within and external to WMO) required for the periodic review of the Resolution 1 (Cg-Ext(2021)) practice; and

Develop a plan and assign responsibilities for the update of “WMO Guidelines on Emerging Data Issues”.

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