Task Team on WMO accredited ENSO information (TT ENSO)

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Terms of Reference

• Facilitate identification and implementation of user requirements for authentic ENSO information (including through a WMO-accredited entity) based on the outcomes of the Scoping Workshop of WMO recognized entity supporting El Niño/La Niña information and on the results of Survey on user needs of El Niño/La Niña information.
• Facilitate the understanding and communication of the user needs for ENSO information.
• Develop recommendation on the modalities and working arrangements for collection and dissemination of ENSO information, such as:
- establishment of a new WMO-recognized Centre, or
- augmenting the existing WMO infrastructure with additional functionality, such as LC-LRFMME and GSCU
• Provide guidance and recommendation to address users’ needs for ENSO information.
• Develop the generic functional responsibilities of a WMO accredited ENSO information centre or system or an expanded centre in the existing WMO GDPFS infrastructure.
• Develop a roadmap for the implementation of a WMO accredited ENSO information centre or system or enhancement of an existing centre to take up dissemination of El Niño/ La Niña information that best supports Members’ needs on ENSO information, as per the request to SC-CLI by SERCOM-2 Decision 5.5(3)/1.

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