Flood Forecasting Initiative Advisory Group

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The WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative Advisory Group (WMO FFI-AG) shall:
1. Consider and advise on the concept, objectives, expected benefits/costs, strategy, action plan and future development of the WMO FFI, making proposals where necessary for any remedial actions;
2. Review and assess the status of the WMO FFI and progress towards its objectives, making proposals where necessary for any remedial actions;
3. Review and assess specific WMO FFI projects upon request;
4. Advise on standards (including, but not limited to, methodologies, techniques, technologies, and so forth) for the robust and sustainable implementation of the WMO FFI;
5. Advise on measures to strengthen the integration of WMO flood forecasting activities within the development of Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (MHEWS) initiatives and include flood forecasting systems in the GDPFS;
6. Review the relationship of the WMOFFI with other relevant international programmes, particularly from the point of view of coordination and avoidance of overlap, and propose any necessary actions (including establishing coordination mechanisms with other bodies);
7. Identify and evaluate constraints on, and potential risks to, the future implementation and sustainability of the WMO FFI, and propose strategies to minimize those risks. Risks include, inter alia, those of a financial, technical, operational and institutional/ political nature;
8. Consider and propose plans for effective advocacy of the WMO FFI (as appropriate), and ways and means to assure its future sustainability and appropriate expansion;
9. Promote awareness about raising the social and economic benefits and value of flood forecasting systems, including a community development approach;
10. Review and advise on its terms of reference and composition.

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