RA II Expert Team on Infrastructure for WIGOS


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Terms of Reference

(i) Lead the Implementation Projects (IP)

RA II-17-I-IP-1: Establish RA II RWC

RA II-17-I-IP-2: Develop phased GBON and RBON implementation plan

Coordinate the Demonstration Projects (DP)

RA II-17-I-DP-1: Promote long term observing stations

RA II-17-I-DP-4: Capacity Building in Radar Techniques

(ii) Support WG Infrastructure with regards to activities pertaining to Observation and Infrastructure systems;

(iii) Promote information sharing on the WIGOS Projects and their outcomes in the region;

(iv) Coordinate the activities of RA II Regional WIGOS Centres (RWC), and to advice on their operations and possible improvements and priorities;

(v) Collaborate with Standing Committee on Earth Observing Systems and Monitoring Networks (SC-ON) of the Commission for Observation, Infrastructure and Information Systems (INFCOM);

(vi) Identify critical gaps and needs for improvement in RA II Members' capacities, particularly of the developing and least developed countries (LDCs) to implement WIGOS projects and related activities;

(vii) Facilitate exchange of knowledge and technology among RA II Members;  

(viii) Assist the RA II WG Infrastructure to undertake the activities required in support of the implementation of the Regional Basic Observing Network (RBON) in the region (see draft Decision 6.3/2 (RA II-17(II)) - Observations and Data exchange in support of polar and high-mountain activities).

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