RA V WG-HWR Expert Team on Operations and Infrastructure (TT-OI)


Agung Saifulloh Majid - Core member - ( Indonesia )
Andre Siohane - Associate expert - ( Niue )
Charles Kanas - Associate expert - ( Vanuatu )
Emarosa Romeo - Core member - ( Samoa )
Mr Alec Dempster - Core member - ( New Zealand )
Mr Asuao Malaki IAKOPO - Associate expert - ( Samoa )
Mr Bessard, Yves - Core member - ( Australia )
Ms Rossylynn PULEHETOA-MITIEPO - Associate expert - ( Niue )
Ruben Wamuni - Associate expert - ( Papua New Guinea )
Sepesa Quana - Leader - ( Fiji )
Tauala Katea - Associate expert - ( Tuvalu )

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Terms of Reference

(a) To support the development and implementation of the RA V Hydrological Action Plan and the Quality Management Framework for Hydrology in RA V;
(b) To assess the needs of RA V Members on hydrometry, data management and processing (for hydrological data) and data sharing;
(c) To support the development of South-East Asia-Hydrological Cycle Observing System (HYCOS) and a Phase II of the Pacific-HYCOS projects and reach out to potential funders;
(d) To facilitate the implementation of WMO Hydrological Observing System (WHOS) in the region;
(e) To support Members in strengthening their capacities on hydrometry, data management, processing and sharing (including Quality Assurance (QA) and data rescue);
(f) To promote and guide Members with the implementation and operation of WMO Hydrological Observing System (WHOS), on the Status component of the WMO Global Hydrological Status and Outlook Systems (HydroSOS);
(g) To assess the education and training needs in hydrology in the region and facilitate the development of the project proposals on capacity development, such as on HYCOS;
(h) To coordinate with relevant SERCOM and INFCOM subsidiary bodies, and provide advice to the Working Group on Hydrology and Water Resources on topics related to hydrological observations and monitoring, water quality monitoring;
(i) To coordinate, as appropriate, with other relevant regional expert teams/groups outside of WMO in order to minimize duplication of work and maximize collaboration.

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