RA V WG-I Expert Team on Global Data Processing and Forecasting Systems (ET-GDPFS)


Achmad Rifani - Associate expert - ( Indonesia )
Dr Luteru Tauvale - Associate expert - ( Samoa )
Igor Michel - Associate expert - ( Vanuatu )
Mr Ali WARDHANA - Associate expert - ( Indonesia )
Mr Amit SINGH - Leader - ( Fiji )
Mr Charlie Vulum - Associate expert - ( Papua New Guinea )
Mr David HIRIASIA - Associate expert - ( Solomon Islands )
Mr Lloyd TAHANI - Associate expert - ( Solomon Islands )
Mr Silipa Art Mulitalo - Associate expert - ( Samoa )
Ms Rossylynn PULEHETOA-MITIEPO - Associate expert - ( Niue )
Rosmadinor MOHAMAD - Core member - ( Malaysia )
Sean Tukutama - Associate expert - ( Niue )
Zainal Abidin - Core member - ( Indonesia )

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Terms of Reference

(a) To inform RA V Members of technical and scientific developments relating to the forecasting process, to advise them on the implementation of new techniques, and to coordinate organizational and planning aspects of the Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS) including the requirements, procedures and practices for designating and maintaining GDPFS centres in the Region;
(b) To support capacity development in national centres by facilitating access to forecasting products and services and supporting technical capacity uplift;
(c) To promote the seamless GDPFS (S/GDPFS) initiative at the regional level;
(d) To monitor the performance of GDPFS in the region and, if necessary, support Regional Specialized Meteorological Centres (RSMCs) and NMHSs to meet the criteria;
(e) To document existing and new requirements of RA V Members for GDPFS products and services, and for the production of analysed and forecast data by the RA V GDPFS centres, including requirements for education and training;
(f) To coordinate with relevant INFCOM subsidiary bodies and provide advice to the Working Group on Infrastructure on the above issues.

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