RA V WG-I Expert Team on the WMO Information System (ET-WIS)


Bowo Prakoso - Associate expert - ( Indonesia )
Dr Luteru Tauvale - Associate expert - ( Samoa )
Dr Weiqing QU - Leader - ( Australia )
Mr Adil ALI - Core member - ( Fiji )
Mr ALDER, Kevin Michael - Core member - ( New Zealand )
Mr Charlie Vulum - Core member - ( Papua New Guinea )
Mr Febry Ardyana - Associate expert - ( Indonesia )
Mr Jino Moli - Associate expert - ( Vanuatu )
Mr Lloyd TAHANI - Associate expert - ( Solomon Islands )
Mr Silipa Art Mulitalo - Associate expert - ( Samoa )
Mr Yuzaimi MAHAT - Co-leader - ( Malaysia )
Ms Grace Johnolson - Associate expert - ( Vanuatu )
Nigel David - Associate expert - ( Vanuatu )
Samuel Nga - Associate expert - ( Cook Islands )
Sean Tukutama - Associate expert - ( Niue )

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Terms of Reference

(a) To promote the benefits of the WMO Information System (WIS) and to assist in its adoption by RA V Members;
(b) To coordinate WIS training and development activities within the Region;
(c) To monitor, review and update the RA V WIS Implementation Plan;
(d) To coordinate WIS 2.0 pilot projects and provide feedback from RA V Members to INFCOM on WIS 2.0 implementation;
(e) To coordinate, as required, any actions arising from WIS audits within the Region;
(f) To maintain awareness of the operational performance of the WIS within RA V in coordination with monitoring activities undertaken by GISCs, coordinating any recommended actions to improve its performance with Members;
(g) To coordinate with relevant INFCOM subsidiary bodies and provide advice to the Working Group on Infrastructure on the above issues.

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