High Quality Global Data Management Framework for Climate (HQ-GDMFC)

High Quality Global Data Management Framework for Climate (HQ-GDMFC)

Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted.”
Theoretical physicist

HQ-GDMFC is an international collaborative initiative that enables an effective development and exchange of high-quality climate data based on reliable information systems and standards in place at global, regional and national levels.

It aims at:

  1. Promoting data management standards and best practices for ensuring high quality datasets for use in climate science, policy and services
  1. Evaluating the maturity of the climate data, identifying gaps and fixing stewardship issues. SMM-CD: a mechanism for allowing compliance to WMO and internationally agreed stewardship standards
  1. Enabling a quick discovery and access to  high quality datasets using a  cataloguing service compatible with the WMO Information System and international discovery and access standards



The draft Manual is suplemented with additional references guidance material including: