HydroSOS Implementation Phase

Implementation Progress

Early implementation stages are ongoing informally and formally in many regions across the globe, and as of end-of-year 2021. Officially, Regional Associations I, II, III, IV and V have requested their hydrological groups to prepare HydroSOS implementation plans, and countries in RA VI have decided to support the technical aspects of the initiative. WMO is currently working together with 23 Member countries (7 in RA I, 6 in RA II, 3 in RA III, and 7 in RA IV) on inception activities for HydroSOS under different projects and developing project proposals.

Technical Development Team In-Person Meeting

As part of the implementation progress, members from the Technical Development Team will gather during the first in-person meeting to discuss the way forward for the implementation of HydroSOS system around the world, and to identify and develop data products and standards for the system requirements. 

Link to the meeting site