Improving Agrometeorological Bulletins - AGM 5

Improving Agrometeorological Bulletins

Proceedings of the Inter-Regional Workshop. 15-19 October 2001, Bridgetown, Barbados. 2002. Edited by M.V.K. Sivakumar.
AGM-5, WMO/TD-No. 1108.

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Table of Contents
Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, and Forward [PDF - 0.7 MB]

Opening remarks by Chester Layne, M.V.K. Sivakumar,
and Ray Motha

Keynote Address: Importance of Agrometeorological
Information and its Dissemination
for Agricultural
and Water Resource Management in the

English-speaking Caribbean
by Tyrone Sutherland [PDF - 0.4 MB]

pages 1-10
Improving Agrometeorological Bulletins - the Challenge

Agrometeorological Bulletins - How can we improve them? by Ray Motha [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 13-24
Improving Agrometeorological Bulletins - Regional Perspectives

Perspectives from RA I (Africa) by Lihwu E. Akeh and
M. Muchinda [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 27-39

Perspectives from RA II (Asia) by G.A. Kamali and
Byong-Lyol Lee [PDF - 0.3 MB]

pages 41-64

Perspectives from RA III (South America) by Manuel Carvajal
and Yumiko Marina T. da Anunciação [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 65-77

Perspectives from RA IV (North and Central America)
by Oscar Solano and Ramon Frutos [PDF - 0.9 MB]

pages 79-96

Perspectives from RA V (South-West Pacific) by Ah Kee Chan
and Richard N. Whitaker [PDF - 0.7 MB]

pages 97-100

Perspectives from RA VI (Europe) by Zoltán Dunkel [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 101-146

Applications of Meteorological Information to Agriculture in West Africa by Giampiero Maracchi and Simone Orlandini [PDF - 0.7 MB]

pages 147-154

Improving Agrometeorological Bulletins - Perspectives from
Caribbean Region 

Agrometeorological Services in Jamaica by Dale Rankine
[PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 157-159

Agrometeorological Services in Granada by David Robertson
[PDF - 0.4 MB]

pages 161-162

Agrometeorological Bulletins – the case of St Lucia by Bernadine Joseph [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 163-164

Agrometeorology – the Trinidad and Tobaggo experience by Arlene Aaron [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 165-168

The Cuban experience in Developing Agrometeorological Bulletins for the Agricultural Sector by Oscar Solano Ojeda,
Eduardo Pérez Valdés, Andrés Planas Lavié, Ransés Vázquez Montenegro, Agustín Menendez Ginorio, Paula Fuentes Pérez,
Alicia Figueroa Izquierdo, Rosaura Hoyos González,
Myriam Gonzáles Pérez, Julio C. Marín Aguado, CarlosM.Lopetegui Moreno and Teresita Gutiérrez Gárciga. [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 169-181
Improving Agrometeorological Bulletins - Technological
Some User-friendly User-interface Computer Techniques for improving Agrometeorological Bulletins by Zvi Zemel
[PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 185-201

Farmweather: A Case Study in Agrometeorology by Richard N. Whitaker [PDF - 0.4 MB]

pages 203-209

The Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin – Serving U.S.
by Thomas L. Puterbaugh and Bradley R. Rippey
[PDF - 0.4 MB]

pages 211-223

Agrometeorological Bulletins- The case of Canada
by Abdoulaye Harou [PDF - 0.4 MB]

pages 225-236

Presentation of Drought Information in Agrometeorological Bulletins by M.V.K. Sivakumar [PDF - 0.9 MB]

pages 237-248

Application of GIS Technology for Agrometeorological Bulletins
by Harlan Shannon and Raymond P. Motha [PDF - 0.9 MB]

pages 249-260

European Agrometeorological Applications by Giampiero
Maracchi, Zoltan Dunkel and Simone Orlandini [PDF - 1.3 MB]

pages 261-274

The Agrometeorological Information System- AgIS by
Giampiero Maracchi [PDF - 0.6 MB]

pages 275-291

Improving Agrometeorological Bulletins: Brainstorming on Issues and Prioritization
Conclusions and Recommendations of the Workshop

Improving Agrometeorological Bulletins: Brainstorming on Issues and Prioritization by M.V.K. Sivakumar [PDF - 0.3 MB]

pages 295-301
Conclusions and Recommendations of the Workshop
[PDF - 0.5 MB]
pages 303-304
Workshop Evaluation [PDF - 0.5 MB] pages 305-308
List of Workshop Participants [PDF - 0.5 MB] pages 309-316