Instructions & Info for Translators

Agenda items: translation

Always refer to the agenda of a session (doc 01) to translate agenda items. This document is posted on the relevant session website. 

Comments by translators

Please do not insert any comments in the translated text. Send them via a separate file when returning your translation. The final file must be clean and publishing-ready. 


  • It is the responsibility of the translator to check and insert hyperlinks.
  • For constituent body documents, as of EC-73, the hyperlinks on decisions, resolutions or recommendations will lead to the exact page where the decisions, resolutions or recommendations appears in the report, in each language. Click here for some guidelines. 



  • In English version or in any of the translated version of a publication, hyperlinks to WMO publications should lead to the presentation page (long notice) of the publication in English. It should not lead to the long notice of the publication in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish, not lead inside the PDF version. 



Please send your questions to LSU (lsu[@]wmo.intduring the translation process and not when returning the file. 

Titles of resolutions/recommendations/decisions/publications

Always check in the WMO library the official translation of:

- the titles of resolutions, recommendations or decisions available in the final reports;

- the titles of publications.