15th Meeting of the RA I Dissemination Expert Group (RAIDEG-15)

Time in UTC

(Dakar: UTC+0h; Brazzaville/Casablanca/Niamey: UTC+1h;
Darmstadt/Geneva: UTC+2h; Pretoria UTC +2h, Addis Ababa/Nairobi UTC+3h; Port Louis: UTC +4h)


The meeting will be held in Darmstadt at the premises of European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) at Eumetsat Allee 1, 64295 Darmstadt, Germany.

Information Note for the meeting:  download info package (updated on 6 June 2023)

Please be informed that RAIDEG is a closed meeting and attendance is granted exclusively through invitation


Agenda (Local time) updated on 19 September 2023



DAY #1 – 26th  September 2023

08h30         Registration

09h00         Welcome (RAIDEG Chair, WMO, EUMETSAT)

09h15         Adoption of the agenda

09h30         Report from RAIDEG chair

09h40         Review of actions from previous meetings


Session #1 – MTG status

10h00         Status of MTG Africa service and dissemination Katja Hungershoefer (EUM)

10h30         Transition to MTG – Stephan Bojinski (EUM)

10h45         Coffee break

11h00         EUMETView: update for MTG – Sally Wannop (EUM)

11h15         EUMETSAT Data Access (EUMDAC) for Meteosat data –Carla Barroso (EUM)

                   (Download Data From & pdf)

11h35         An example of MTG visualization tool (SIFT) - Andrea Meraner (EUM)

11h50         Q&A

12h30         Visit of the Control room and MTG-Africa processing facility

13h00         Lunch Break


Session #2 – Dissemination update and feedback from regions

14h00         Status of EUMETSAT Operational Services & Dissemination Baseline Update Document (inc EUMETCast-Terrestrial) Sally Wannop (EUM)

14h30         Report from each region (15 min per region and per VLab training centre)                  

15h30         Coffee break

15h45         Report from each region (continued)

                   North Africa - South Africa - West Africa - EAMAC (activities)- IOC - IMTR - Central Africa 

17h00         End of Day #1

18h00  Social event


Day #2 – 27th  September 2023

Session #3 – Update of data access and visualisation tool in Africa

09h00         Status of ClimSA procurement of PUMA-MTG and CLIMSA stations (AUC)

09h45         Status of preparation of ClimSA training activities (AUC)

10h15         Feedback on Nowcasting SAF via Cloud (ADAGUC) – Trebossen (EUM)

10h30         Coffee break

10h45         Presentation of European Weather Cloud – tbc (EUM)

11h00         Perspective for use of Cloud in Africa (all)

11h15         Status of the RARS Africa (ACMAD)

12h00         Survey of PUMA stations and preparation for new station – Trebossen (EUM)

12h30         Lunch Break


Session #4 – Prospective activities

14h00         Presentation from the region (15 min each)

  • ACMAD (Leon)
  • IMTR (Sara)
  • Indian Ocean (Ram)
  • Central Africa (Maixent)


15h00         Survey of PUMA stations and preparation for new station – Trebossen (EUM

15h20         Outcome of the Webinar on Atmospheric Composition and follow-on activities (Sabrina Szeto <consult@sabrinaszeto.com>)

15h40         Outcome of the Webinar on Hydrology and follow-on activities – Vincent Gabaglio (EUM)

16h00         Coffee break

16h20         WISER-Southern Africa presentation (Nico – SAWS)

16h40         Presentation from WMO on the Web-based Hazard Watch services (Abubakr)

17h00         Status of MTG&AMSAF proposal (Space for Early Warning) – Vincent (EUM

17h15         Wrap-up and list of actions

17h45         Closure of the meeting


17h00  End of Day#2