18th WMO-GAW Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer workshop will be hosted online by WMO on Microsoft Teams as a series of three sessions, each addressing a particular theme. The sessions are as follows:

Session 1. (Mon 14th June 2021, 15:00-17:00 UTC)  The objective of the session is to maintain the community well informed and to discuss our needs and plan our work.     Selected experts have been invited to present to the community recent scientific and technical advancements related to Brewer operation, calibration, data processing and data management.  In addition to those WOUDC and WMO-GAW will provide an update on advances, changes and plans. 20 minutes discussion will follow up the presentations. 

Session 2. (Thu 17th June 2021, 15:00-17:00 UTC) The objective of this session is for the community to build understanding of the progress, advancements, challenges, and needs of individual stations/users/networks. The operators, station managers, PI, researchers and data managers are encouraged to submit short presentations on all topics relating to their work involving Brewer Spectrophotometers, ozone or UV measurements, calibrations, data processing, etc.  Your input is very important for the good planning of our work. The session will include 20 minutes discussion.  

Session 3. (Mon 21st June 2021, 15:00-17:00 UTC) The objective of this final session is to provide advice and answer practical questions to the community, particularly for new operators, in aspects of Brewer operation, characterisation, calibration and data submission in so far as this can be achieved through online presentation and discussion. In this respect, we strongly encourage you to submit suggestions on topics to cover, your problems, or any issues which will you consider will improve your capacity to provide high quality data. We would also welcome any submissions from experts to provide online tutorials in the area of capacity development.

Authors: Presentations will be limited to 10 min. with a further 5 min. for questions/discussion. (This may be flexible for session 3). Please add your title to the registration sheet.

Please register by 10th June 2021 to present or to receive a meeting link by visiting here

Further information will be made available before the event.

Please direct all communications to richard.kift@manchester.ac.uk.  

We would appreciate it if you could distribute this notice to any of your colleagues who may be interested and who may not have received the notice via email.


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Organising committee:

A Redondas                        AEMET                                               aredondasm@aemet.es

J S Rimmer                         University of Manchester              john.s.rimmer@manchester.ac.uk

R Kift                                    University of Manchester              richard.kift@manchester.ac.uk

S Netcheva                         WMO                                                 SNetcheva@wmo.int