1st Africa/Middle East Expert Meeting and Workshop on the Health Impact of Airborne Dust


The main objective of the Expert Meeting and Workshop is assess the state of knowledge and encourage countries' actions with regard to impacts of airborne dust on public health in the MENA region. The Expert Meeting and Workshop will promote active communication among dust-related service providers, African/Middle-Eastern national meteorological and hydrological services and relevant national and international environment, air-quality and public health agencies.

An outcome of the workshop will be a set of recommendations addressed to policy-makers, managers, service providers and researchers aimed at raising awareness of the negative impacts of airborne dust on health and designing and implementing preparedness and mitigation measures


The Expert Meeting and Workshop will cover the following themes:

  • Dust and Air Quality Measurement, Monitoring, Forecasting and Early Warning Systems
  • Air Quality Standards and Indices
  • Dust Causes & Transportation Paths
  • Health Hazards and Impacts Studies
  • Health Services and Preparedness
  • Economic Costs of Health
  • Response and Mitigation Measures on dust and health
  • Inter-sectoral and inter-country cooperation frameworks and mechanisms

The event is targeted to operational meteorologists, environmentalists, air-quality and public health researchers, managers and policy-makers. 


Full Information https://dust.aemet.es/events/1st-africa-middle-east-expert-meeting-and-workshop-on-the-health-impact-of-airborne-dust