2nd Regional WIGOS Centre Global Workshop


The purpose of the workshop is to bring the already established Regional WIGOS Centres (RWCs) and RWCs candidates together to discuss their experience and challenges with establishing the RWCs and performing the functions toward an improved sustainability of their operations, including feedback on the use of WIGOS tools. The workshop is also aimed to review RWCs procedures, plans and activities, such as those related to capacity development.


  • RWCs
  • RWCs candidates
  • Members of Expert Team on WIGOS tools and RWC operations (formerly Expert Team on WIGOS Tools)
  • WMO secretariat
  • Relevant experts according to the workshop topic


  • Day 1: RWC operations
  • Day 2: Capacity Development
  • Day 3: WIGOS tools


The tentative program of the workshop can be seen here: tentative program

Workshop material is available here: material

Information and documents from the first RWC global workshop can be accessed via this link: https://community.wmo.int/en/meetings/regional-wigos-centres-global-workshop  


The final report of the workshop is available here: report