8th session of the WMO Executive Council Capacity Development Panel

To support the implementation of the WMO Capacity Development Strategy in RA VI, in response to the recommendation put forth by the EC Task Team on Capacity Development during EC-76, the Regional Office for Europe conducted a comprehensive mapping exercise titled "Mapping Regional Contributions: Bodies Enhancing the Research-to-Operation Continuum." This mapping was subsequently presented to the Capacity Development Panel during its 8th session.

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There is a critical need for enhanced collaboration and integration between the research and operational communities within the framework of the WMO.  

Highlighting the roles of global, regional, and national bodies in contributing to the research-to-operations continuum, the presentation underscored the pivotal importance of specialized Regional Centres in this value chain.

Moving forward, the Regional Office for Europe intends to strategize capacity development activities within the context of this continuum. 

Key objectives include: 

  • Assessing needs 

  • Aligning with R2O phases: Research, Transition, and Operations, including evaluation 

  • Engaging stakeholders 

  • Promoting interdisciplinary training 

  • Establishing a culture of continuous learning, encouraging professionals to stay updated on the latest research and operational advancements. 

Furthermore, the Regional Office for Europe commits to coordinating with the Research Board to facilitate the transfer of information to other WMO bodies.  

In addition to these efforts, the Regional Office pledges its support for the EC Capacity Development Panel Task Team tasked with revising the descriptions of the Capacity Development Programme, the Regional Programme, and other relevant initiatives.