Climate and Health Colloquium

The purpose of the event is to help build a global community of health practitioners and policymakers that can use climate information as a means to support health delivery and improved outcomes in the context of a changing climate, with a focus on infectious diseases, nutrition and the public health outcomes of meteorological disasters. It brings together experts from governments, humanitarian agencies, development organizations, U.N. agencies, research centers and universities.

They shared cutting-edge health and climate research with an emphasis on data methodologies and tools that are needed for strengthening health policy and practice in resource-poor settings. In particular, participants considered: 

  • Data: How best to use data from historical climate observations, environmental monitoring and forecasting and prediction to improve the management of climate sensitive outcomes.
  • Technology: Freely-available technologies capable of managing vast data sets and transforming them into locally-relevant products that can be disseminated within health sector tools.
  • Training: Opportunities for targeted training, education and long-term investments in user and stakeholder engagement in order to leverage these newly available resources.