The tenth session of the Executive Council Panel of Experts on Polar and High Mountain Observations, Research, and Services (EC-PHORS) will take place on 29-31 March 2021, in the context of the recent governance reform of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The meeting will address the request of the 71st session of the Executive Council that the Panel examine its mandate,  advise on those activities in polar and high mountain which to be undertaken by technical commissions (TCs), the Research Board (RB), and other WMO bodies, as well as make recommendations on the continued need for a strategic, partnership facilitator, and advocacy role in support of these activities.  

Furthermore, EC-71 requested EC-PHORS to closely liaise with TCs and other WMO bodies in guiding polar Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) to attain WMO designation and contribute to the development of climate services, with a focus on integrating cryospheric aspects.

The meeting is expected to develop recommendations to be submitted to EC-73, on:

  • EC-PHORS activities for polar and high mountain regions which to be undertaken by TCs, RB, and other bodies, based on the evaluation of the EC-PHORS terms of reference approved by EC-71;
  • The delivery of WMO strategic goals in polar and high mountain regions, for meeting the needs of Members.

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