Expert Meeting Using Climate information for predicting and preparing for waterborne and vectorborne diseases

Jointly organized by WHO, WMO, and the UKMet Office, this expert meeting aims to advance a common understanding, evidence base and good practices in the field of climate services for health. It brings together representatives from the health and meteorological operational communities of practice with experts on the use of climate information in disease modeling and epidemiology. The second meeting will present the progress made towards the agreed next steps at the first meeting in June 2019:

  1. Review and inputs to draft WHO/WMO guidance on developing climate-informed early warning systems for health;
  2. Review online training package modules on the "use of climate information for infectious diseases";
  3. Identify the most effective convening forum to carry on building this community of practice, with engagement of health and meteorological actors at national and international level.
  4. Development of quality criteria for model validation.