Experts Workshop on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

WMO/GAW Experts Workshop
on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) (Geneva, 30 January-1 February 2006)



  Global VOC Observations in the Context of the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Programme Leonard Barrie, Chief, Environment Division, WMO Geneva
  Thoughts on a GAW program for Global Long Term Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds Jan W. Bottenheim, Science and Technology Branch - Environment Canada
  Continuous and Global NMHC Monitoring Research Detlev Helming, Institute of Artic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) USA
  Data from Katie Read, Jim Hopkins, Jacqui Hamilton Ally Lewis, University of York, UK
  Relevant areas of expertise David Oram, University of West Anglia, UK
  VOC Measurements at Hohenpeissenberg as part of the GAW program Christian Plass-Dülmer & Harald Berresheim, Observatorium Hohenpeissenberg, Germany
  Contribution to the WMO/GAW Experts Workshop Bernhard Rappenglück, University of Houston, USA
  VOC Measurements at EMPA S. Reimann, EMPA, Switzerland
  The GAW World Calibration Centre for VOC (WCC-VOC) Rainer Steinbrecher, Director WCC-VOC, Germany
  Measurements of oxygenated volatile organic compounds by remot sensing techniques Folkard Wittrock, Institute of Environmental Physics, Germany