Final METAGRI Meetings: Evaluation/Communications/New METAGRI-OPS


Final METAGRI Meetings

  Evaluation/Communications/New METAGRI-OPS

Bamako, Mali
26-30 September 2011


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With the technical assistance of the National Meteorological Service (DMN) of Mali and the financial support of the State Agency for Meteorology in Spain (AEMET), WMO is managing the METAGRI project according to the mandate expressed at several Action Plans of the Conference of Directors of West African National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS).  In the Sal Action Plan, point 2.2 states that the following activities must be performed: an Evaluation Seminar of previous METAGRI Phases, a Communications Seminar, promotion and fund-raising. These activties are under the AEMET Afrimet

With this background, these activities will be included in the final meetings of the METAGRI Project, along with the development of proposals for a new project provisionally entitled METAGRI OPERATIONAL.  The Permanent Representative of Mali with WMO has kindly agreed to hold three consecutive meetings in Bamako.  The first meeting will be an Evaluation for Phase II and III of the Project. The second one will be a Communications Seminar with the participation of invited experts on the technical, societal and institutional aspects of communication and METAGRI Focal points of several Western Africa countries. The final meeting will be devoted to the development of the new project receiving inputs from the previous two meetings. The final outcome will be a project plan to be submitted to the next session of the West Africa Conference of Directors of NMHS for evaluation and to address  different funding institutions.