First meeting of the Steering Committee of the Indian Ocean Data Rescue InitiativeINDARE-SC

First meeting of the Steering Committee of the Indian Ocean Data Rescue Initiative


Geneva, 29 September-1 October 2014


WMO is organizing the first meeting of the steering committee of the Indian Data Rescue initiative (INDARE) as part of the process launched during the International Workshop on the Recovery of Climate heritage in the Indian Ocean rim Countries and Islands, Maputo 21-24 April 2014. The workshop agreed to establish a Steering Committee to oversee the implementation of INDARE. The meeting will take place in Geneva 29 September-1 October, 2014 at the WMO headquarter the objectives of the meeting are:

(1) Finalizing the INDARE Implementation Plan which was agree in Maputo

(2) Review progress made in the follow-up of ETCCDI workshop which was held in Maputo and provide guidance if necessary to accomplish the scientific work

(3) Defining the Terms of reference of the DARE Portal, building on the MEDARE experience and the recently published I-DARE white paper

(4) Reviewing national projects on Data Rescue and Climate Data Management Systems that need to be funded as urgent priority, e.g. countries most in need, countries facing risk of losing the archives, countries not having yet started DARE.

(5) Identifying infrastructure in the region or abroad that can be shared to support INDARE implementation including RCCs and international Data Rescue related projects and initiatives such as ICA&D, ACRE, MEDARE and others.

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