Fourth Meeting of the SERCOM/SC-DRR Expert Team on General Service Delivery (ET-GSD)


1. To update members on follow-up actions from third (3rd) Meeting of the ET-GSD.

2. To present and obtain feedback and consensus from members on the progress made in the implementation of key activities from the 2021 Work Plan.

3. To obtain feedback on the prioritisation of ET-GSD tasks and discuss the way forward for its future implementation and mainstreaming.

4. To identify and obtain feedback on any emerging Service Delivery issues.


Quick Links

Document 1_Agenda

Document 2_Report of the Third Meeting of ET-GSD

Document 3_WMO IBFWS 1150 part II Guidelines

Document 4_Draft Terms of Reference for the Development Website and Ecosystem 

Document 5_Terms of Reference for the IBFWS eCourse Development 

Document 6_IBFWS eCourse Design Specification Report

Document 7_ET-GSD Work Plan 

Additional Documents 

Update on the development of the WMO No.1129 Strategy for Service Delivery