GAW Symposium 2017

GAW 2017 Symposium

10-13 April 2017

WMO Secretariat, Geneva


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GAW Symposium 2017 group photo

Final agenda with presentations

10 April 2017, Monday

8:00-9:00 – Registration and posters set up

9:00-9:15 – Welcome (Prof. Petteri Taalas, WMO Secretary General)

9:15-9:25 – Logistical note (Oksana Tarasova)


9:25 - 12:00  Introduction session: Round–table with SSC and SAG/ET Chairs

(Moderator - Deon Terblanche; Rapporteur -Ranjeet Sokhi)


12:00-13:00  Side Event 1: “From Urban Meteorology and Environment Research to Integrated City Services”

(Moderators V. Bouchet and A. Baklanov)


13:00-14:00 Side Event 2: “How can GAW contribute to nitrogen cycle assessments?”

(Moderators Martin Schultz and Silvina Carou)


14:00 - 17:00 Plenary 1: “Science for services”

(Moderator Paolo Laj, Rapporteur Isobel Simpson)

Introduction by Paolo Laj

Invited talks:

Short interventions:



11 April 2017, Tuesday

8:00 - 9:00 – Registration

9:00 – 12:00 Plenary 2: “ Integrated Observations”

(Moderators Michael Kurylo and Luciana Gatti; Rapporteurs Ellsworth J. Welton, Karla Longo and Greg Bodeker)

Introduction by Michael Kurylo

Invited talks:

Short interventions:


12:00-13:00 Side event 3: WMO Sand and Dust Storm – Warning advisory and Assessment System


13:00-14:00 Side event 4: “Coordination of near-real-time total ozone measurements from the network of Brewer and Dobson spectrophotometers”

(Moderator A. Bais)

Introduction by Alkis Bais


14:00 - 17:00 Break-out 1: “Modelling activities in GAW”

(Moderators Veronique Bouchet and Vincent-Henri Peuch, Rapporteur Valentin Foltescu)


Invited talks:

Short interventions:


14:00 - 17:00 Break-out 2: “GAW Quality Assurance”

(Moderators Emilio Cuevas and Herman Smit; Rapporteurs Dagmar Kubistin and Elke Ludewig)


Invited talks:

Short interventions:


17:00 - 18:30 Poster session 2: QUALITY ASSURANCE AND DATA MANAGEMENT


12 April 2017, Wednesday

8:00 - 9:00 – Registration

9:00 - 12:00 Plenary 3: “Partnership”

(Moderators Paul Monks and Kobus Pienaar, Rapporteurs Michela Maione and Haeyoung Lee)



12:00-13:00 Brainstorming on resource mobilization


4:00 - 17:00 Break-out 3: “Key requirements on data management for GAW as a provider of science-based services”

(Moderators Jörg Klausen and Ray Ellul, Rapporteur Richard Eckman)

Invited talks:

Short interventions:


14:00 - 17:00 Break-out 4: “Outreach and capacity building”

(Moderators Melita Keywood and Paul Monks; Rapporteur Sam Cleland)


Invited talks:

Short interventions:




13 April 2017, Thursday

9:00 - 10:15 – Session rapporteurs and SSC work on recommendations

10:15 - 10:45 – Coffee break

10:45 - 12:00 – Plenary “Recommendations and way forward”

12:00 – Final conclusions and meeting closure

13:00 - 17:00 – Meeting of SSC and SAG/ET Chairs (by invitation only)


Click here to download the detailed agenda (as pdf).

Poster session agenda

Abstracts of the posters are available here.



Apituley, Arnoud

GAW Stations in The Netherlands

Apituley, Arnoud

GAW Station Paramaribo

Apituley, Arnoud

GCOS Reference Upper Air Network

Bais, A.F.

Observations of atmospheric composition and solar radiation in Thessaloniki, Greece

Batchvarova, Ekaterina

Analyses of wet and bulk deposition in Sofia, Bulgaria

Carbajal Benítez, Gerardo

Total Column and Surface Ozone Measurements in Argentina

Colomb, Aurelie

Global GAW PUY Research Station: an Observatory for the Observation of Clouds and Atmospheric Components

Cristofanelli, Paolo

New WMO/GAW regional stations in Italy for the investigation of reactive gases and methane variability in the coastal boundary layer of the central Mediterranean basin

Cristofanelli, Paolo

Project of National Interest NEXTDATA: a network for monitoring the background environmental-climatic conditions

Dugerjav, Oyunchimeg  


GHG Change in Mongolia

Dundar, Cihan

Investiation of Spatial and Temporal Changes of Sand and Dust Storms (SDS) over Great Mediterranean Basin

Gatti, Luciana V.

The Efforts in construct the Brazilian GHG Network

Gatti, Luciana V.

Greenhouse Gases: Background Concentrations in Brazilian coast

Gromov, Sergey

Potential and Prospects of Integrating Information from the Background Monitoring Networks over the Russian Federation Territory

Indri, Arika

Chemical Characteristics of Rainwater in Bandung and GAW Bukit Kototabang

Keywood, Melita

Cape Grim – Monitoring the Health of the Global Atmosphere for 40 years

Keywood, Melita

Cloud Condensation Nuclei over the Southern Ocean: wind dependence and seasonal cylcles

Khanh, Duong Van

Pha Din GAW regional station and development orientation of climate change observing network in Viet Nam

Klausen, Joerg

Global GAW Station Mt. Kenya: Current status and available data

Lihavainen, Heikki

Long-term variability of aerosol optical properties and radiative effects in Northern Finland

Mayol-Bracero, Olga

Measurements of Atmospheric Particles at Cape San Juan Atmospheric Observatory, Puerto Rico (CPR station)

Naja, Manish

A natural laboratory in the central Himalayas (Nainital, India) for studies on air-pollution and climate change

Okuku, Constance C.

Distribution of Surface Ozone at Nairobi Regional GAW Station, Kenya

Petzold, Andreas

Global-Scale Atmosphere Monitoring by In-Service Aircraft – Current Achievements and Future Prospects of the European Research Infrastructure IAGOS

Plass-Deulmer, Christian

50 Years of Routine Ozone Soundings at Hohenpeissenberg

Ries, Ludwig

Atmospheric Trends of Climate Forcing Gases and Aerosols and Spatio-temporal Deposition of Persistent Organic Pollutants

Ries, Ludwig

35 Years of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Continuous Measurements at GAW Global Station Zugspitze-Schneefernerhaus

Ries, Ludwig

Long-Term Monitoring of Persistent Pollutants at GAW Stations

Rosin, Kai

GAW activities in Estonia

Shardakova, Lyudmila

Overview of atmospheric monitoring results at the Chatkal Reserve Station in Uzbekistan

Simpson, Isobel J.

VOC measurements using Whole Air Sampling (WAS) during ATom-1

Thomas, Werner Long-term measurements of atmospheric key species at the GAW global station Hohenpeissenberg
Thomas, Werner Combined Lidar and Ceilometer networks for cloud and aerosol monitoring

Taylor, Carrie

Aerosol Elemental Carbon (Black Carbon Mass) Observations over Canada (2006-2014)”

Utami, Arika Indri Dyah

Chemical characteristics of rainwater in Bandung and GAW Bukit Kototabang



Aas, Wenche

EBAS: GAW World Data Centre for Aerosol and Reactive Gases Features and Recent Improvements

Gerwig, Holger


Work of the Quality Assurance/Science Activity Centre Germany

Glor, Mirella

The GAW Training and Education Centre (GAWTEC) and German GAW activities and monitoring

Kassell, Grant

Comparison of NO2 measurements using new Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS) technology, with traditional chemiluminescent measurements

Kawasaki, Teruo

Activities of WCC for Methane in Asia and the South-West Pacific

Klausen, Joerg

WIGOS metadata standard and metadata exchange format

Lee, Haeyoung

Recent activities of World Calibration Centre for SF6 under the GAW Programme

Okuku, Constance C.


Atmospheric composition data, from the African perspective

Plass-Duelmer, Christian

European NOx-intercomparison at the observatory Hohenpeißenberg 10-21 October 2016

Steinbacher, Martin

QA/SAC Switzerland – Activities and Achievements

Ueno, Mikio

Ongoing Renewal of World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases (WDCGG) website

Wiedensohler, Alfred

ECAC- The European Center for Aerosol Calibration

Zellweger, Christoph

WCC-Empa – Activities and Achievements



Beig, Gufran

SAFAR-INDIA: An Early Warning System for Air Quality, Weather and Radiation Heat Alerts

Ellul, Raymond

Volcanic and Ship emissions in the central Mediterranean

Garcia-Reynoso, Augustin

Model Evaluation for Chemical Variables

Garcia-Reynoso, Augustin

A Temporal, Spatial and Speciation of the Mexico National Emissions Inventory 2008

Garcia-Reynoso, Augustin

Tephra Ash Dispersion Forecast System

 Golding, Brian HIWeather project

Gromov, Sergey

Prospects of the using remote sensing products and sparse ground regular observations for assessment of regional atmospheric pollution in East Asia

Longo, Karla

Aerosol in MERRA-2 Reanalysis

Maione, Michaela

European emissions of the powerful greenhouse gases hydrofluorocarbons inferred from atmospheric measurements and their comparison with annual national reports to UNFCCC

Najmi, Houda

MAROC-METEO/CNC/AIR QUALITY – Activities and Achievements

Saldiva, Paulo

Biomonitoring the effects of climate and air pollution in the urban scenario

Sanchez Cuevas, Solangela

TUV Program as a Forecasting Model for UV Index

Stavrakou, Jenny

The MarcoPolo Sino-european project: Monitoring and Assessment of Regional air quality in China using space observations

Tiwari, Suresh


Assessment of carbonaceous aerosols over northern part of India: Mass level & its impact on regional climate

Zeb, Naila Development of Cost-effective Wireless Sensor Network for Ambient Air Monitoring in Pakistan