HIGHWAY / SWFP – Eastern Africa Training Workshop on Severe Weather and Impact Based Forecasting and Warning Services (ONLINE)

The HIGHWAY/SWFP training workshop for Eastern Africa, to be organized online remotely in collaboration with Met Office UK, RSMC Nairobi, RSMC Dar Es Salaam, contributing WMCs and development partners, will address the capacity building needs of operational forecasters and public weather services (PWS) staff of NMHSs of Eastern African countries involved in WMO Severe Weather Forecasting programme (SWFP) and the HIGHWAY (HIGH impact Weather lAke sYstem) project which is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office of the UK government.

Quick Links

- Information Note 

- Participant Nomination Form (for use by the NMHSs)

- Program/Timetable (for daily 'live sessions' via MS Teams)

- List of Pre-requisite Self-study Modules and relevant instructions (to be completed by the participants prior to the workshop)

- Workshop Presentations

- List of participants/ delegates (nominated by NMHSs)

- List of  Experts and Resource Persons