HIWeather Workshop 2013


THORPEX High Impact Weather Workshop (HIW)
(Karslruhe, Germany, 18-19 March)


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Forecasts for renewable energy and disaster management
Renate Hagedorn

Flood forecasting with TIGGE
David Richardson

Communicating Forecasts
Charles Ewen

Unlocking the socioeconomic benefits of improved weather forecasts
Rebecca E. Morss

Predictability and dynamical processes
Heini Wernli

Aspects of Dynamical Processes and Predictability in Medium Range Forecasts of High Impact Weather
Edmund K.M. Chang

Observations for improving high impact weather forecasts from convective to global scales (exceed size limit)
Roger Saunders and Stefan Klink with input from DAOS-WG members

Data assimilation from global to convective scales State of the art and future challenges
Tijana Janjic Pfander

Future challenges in global, medium range weather prediction
Erland Källén

Ensemble Forecasting of High-Impact Weather
Richard Swinbank

Forecast Verification Research - state of the art and future challenges
Martin Göber

The WWRP Polar Prediction Project
Thomas Jung

Subseasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Prediction Project - “Bridging the gap between weather and climate”
Frederic Vitart and Andrew Robertson

A new initiative for a transatlantic field experiment in 2016
Andreas Schäfler and Patrick Harr

Severe Weather Forecasting Development Project (SWFDP)
Ken Mylne