IDMP Advisory and Management Committee Meetings

AC/MC meetings 2019, 24-25 August, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Ensure that science is at the table when (policy and practice) decisions are made, including developing a more interactive format
  • Articulate the avenues how partners can leverage the IDMP
  • Explore way forward with Global Drought Information System (GDIS) in context of IDMP and Global Drought Observatory (GDO)
  • Develop Impact Stories on the value and impact of IDMP
  • Support development of GAR2020 special report on drought
  • Publish review publications on pillar 1 and 3
  • Research better techniques for capacity development on integrated drought management
  • IDMP to participate in WMO Country Support Initiative and partners’ country support initiatives
  • Coordinate response to country drought management strategy formulation


Download AC/MC 2019 Meeting Report, documents and presentations.