[JET-ESI-1] The first Meeting of the Joint Expert Team on Earth System Implementation

The new WMO strategic plan 2024–2027 (Recommendation 11 (EC-76)) set several objectives that require necessary support through the WMO Integrated Processing and Prediction System (WIPPS) activities. In addition, UN Early Warning for All Initiative Follow-Up (Decision 8 (EC-76)) also envisions the provision of information to support impact-based warning of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), and United Nations Early Warnings for All (EW4All) initiative (Resolution 4 (Cg-19)) requested technical commissions, the Research Board and others to identify and implement high-priority activities to address the urgent needs of Members.

In November 2023, the WIPPS Workshop was held to facilitate the implementation of new requirements to meet user needs for the EW4All initiative. It is essential to identify priority needs on the WIPPS products to accelerate the evolution of the WIPPS. It is therefore recommended at the WIPPS Workshop to develop and implement a Rolling Review of user Requirements (RRR) for WIPPS products, which is also recognized as one of the key priority areas in the WIPPS Collaborative Framework (Resolution 58 (Cg-18)).

This meeting will seek developing the concept of the WIPPS RRR and detailed work plan including its demonstration for the next intersessional period. The meeting will also review and update the WIPPS Roadmap and structure existing and potential WIPPS pilot projects in the EW4All domain.

Please find the meeting related information below:

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  • Venue: Lake 7 (9 January),  Jura 8 ( from 10 to 12 January)
  • Documents and Presentations are available here.