NMR Nowcasting-3




3rd WMO International Symposium on Nowcasting and Very-Short Range Forecasting

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 6-12 August 2012)






Aviation Nowcasting Initiatives
PW Peter Li

FROST-2014 : Forecast and Research in the Olympic Sochi Testbed
G. Isaac, D. Kiktev, P. Joe, M. Tsyrulnikov

Global Guide in Nowcasting ‐a proposal
P. Joe and PW Peter Li

HKO Aviation Update

INCA-CE transregional strategy
Y. Wang

Y. Wang

INCA-CE: Integrating Nowcasting with crisis management and risk prevention in a transnational framework
Y. Wang

International Training in RMTC
J. Wang

Pan Am 2015 Science Plan
P. Joe, S. Belair, I. Gultepe, D. Sills, S. Cober, V. Bouchet, J-P Charland, D. Hudak, N. Donaldson, G. Isaac, Tsoi Yip, Ed Becker, V. Chung, M. Seifert, S. Wong, H. Yang, G. Isaac, D. Henderson, B. Appleby

La Plata Basin

Lake Victoria

Nowcasting Systems for Developing Countries
E. de Coning

Observations, Forward Operators, and Process Studies for Nowcasting NWP
V. Wulfmeyer

Proposal: Training course on Nowcasting techniques

Tokyo Metropolitan Area Convection Study (TOMACS)
S. Saito

NOAA Satellite and Information Service
S. Goodman

Environmental Services (GAW) and Nowcasting
S. Nickovic

Group photo

Symposium Closure